Moving Hangover

Today I am settling into my new home…like I have so many others. The first night in a new home is always a little bit difficult. It’s like waking up on tour. You wake up in a strange place, and for the first few seconds, you have this distinct feeling of genuinely not knowing where you are.


The first morning in a new home, you come to consciousness in what is usually a mattress thrown on the floor. Everyone was too exhausted last night to properly assemble the bed. They just moved the boxes around to make an empty space for the mattress, and you had just enough energy to find some bedding and take a shower before you passed out. In the morning, it’s like a moving hangover. You see the bare walls, towers of boxes on every side of the room, and your open suitcase with your toiletry case spilling out onto the floor. And the thought crosses your head, “What did I just do?”

You stumble out of bed, stepping across scattered clothing, empty soda cans and fast food containers. The bathroom is cold and bare. There are no towels, or toiletries, and someone hastily threw up a shower curtain last night. Now for your next trick, finding your clothing…


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