ABC’s Nashville

So, while doing research for my book, I decided to start watching the ABC drama Nashville. First of all,  I hate TV. I think it rots the brain and stunts creativity. I actually don’t own one, and haven’t for about ten years. Not to say I’m totally clueless. If I think a show is worthy, I’ll get the DVD series, or binge-watch online. This was the case with Desperate Housewives, the Office, Arrested Development, My Name is Earl,  and a couple of others.

But, I am writing about an indie pop star on tour, and she makes a business stop in Nashville. So, I thought this would be a good research show.

I got totally hooked. Not only is the show riveting, and the cast gorgeous (Liam and Avery anyone?) but the music is amazing. I’ve only gotten through the first half of the first season, but I’ve been streaming the soundtrack all morning. So happy I found  this show.


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